A Mustang’s Tale, by Dorothy Larkin

I run through the fields wind at my feet

My band behind me not missing a beat,

Something is wrong that I can not see,

I feel in my heart the tremble in me,

We run from a stranger with malice intent,

But they keep getting closer our energy spent,

Then a loud noise and a hot searing pain,

A warm bloody substance from out of my mane,

I fall to the ground no longer can run,

My foal by my side I tell her to run!! Run!!

But she stays by my side as the enemy comes,

 Laughing and yelling, Oh what have you done?


As they approach I wonder they hunted me why?

Was it for food or just to watch me die?

I looked into their eyes and pleaded take me,

But let my foal run, run and be free,

I looked at my young and said my goodbye

A tear was falling out of her eye,

My band of horses stood helpless away

neighing and snorting, they called for my bay,

 They trusted this enemy the one they call man

They turned and start running as fast they can

Another shot rang out, then she dropped my side,

I nuzzled her gently while she quietly died,

Another two Mustangs were murdered today

By the ones that they trusted so senseless to say,

I hope that our future will let us be free

We are all of God’s creatures why can’t you see.

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