Another Rescue

I received an e-mail Tuesday July 27, 2010 from Sujata Clark, informing us of a wild horse foal that they had come across. The Clark’s live west and south of Bragg Creek and they had just come across a day old foal, a few days before, that could not get up or stand and appeared close to dying. It would appear that the mare was a young one and did not have the milk to give the baby it’s strength. Mom was standing guard but could not help the little thing.

Acting out of the kindness of their hearts they decided to intervene to save the foal. Sujata is a vet technician and with the help of their neighbors, who are a paramedic and a nurse, they went to the aid of the foal. They start an IV, out in the field, to get fluids into the foal right away. They then took it to the local vet for further assistance. With the aid of the vet, the baby was given more fluids and started on milk.

Sujata had e-mailed WHOAS looking for advice on what was best to do for the baby. It was advised that when she was strong enough, they try to find a foster mare to adopt it. Sujata had really wanted to adopt the foal herself but was more concerned with it’s immediate health. After a few days with the vet the baby was drinking milk from a bucket . Although still really weak it was getting better day by day.

On August 02, Sujata informed us that the foal had gone to a foster home and is doing great, She is gaining about 5 lbs a day. The foster home got her a donkey friend but they might if that does not work get her a goat to be her buddy.

It is amazing the compassion that so many people show for the wild horses and the lengths some go to save or help them. I would like to thank Sujata for her efforts to save this young wild foal. Bob.
Bragg creek wild foalbragg creek wild foal 2

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