Nature Alberta Magazine

In the 2010 summer issue of Nature Alberta, which is a magazine for the Federation of Alberta Naturalists, there is an article on the Wild Horses of Alberta. The article is called, Western Canada’s Wild Horses – The Struggle for Legitimacy. It was authored by one of the wild horses staunchest allies, Dr. Claudia Notzke.  Dr Notzke has an amazing list of credentials behind her name when it comes to dealing with wild horses throughout the world. Extremely well written, it gives a very sound scientific argument for the protection of the wild horses as a native species, here in Alberta and North America.  In her article Dr. Notzke also visits the ecological opportunities in preserving the wild horses in their natural environment, the need to revisit the current management practices, the need to have an open mind in order to change attitudes toward the wild horses and what they should mean to all of us. Thank you Claudia.

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