Tornado Damage

Possibe tornado victimsOn August 3, 2010, a tornado touched down in a remote valley off the South James River. Lynn on her blog has posted some pictures of this devastation which was 1/2 mile by 2 mile swath of destruction. Pat Boomer a weather observer, on his visit to the site this past weekend confirmed that it was definitely a tornado that caused the damage.

My heart still sick with worry of the whereabouts of the herd we called the Danish Herd, which inhabitated this valley. I also went back this weekend . I scoured every back trail and road around this site looking for them. I went into different valleys and into the heavy timber in hopes of finding them but to not avail.

As I observed the site again, the ravens were numerous, indicating death and you could smell it in the air. Obviously not all creatures made it to safety. My heart sadden and I prayed that the Danish Herd is just somewhere safe and it will take me time to find them again. I am off Wednesday again and will definitely go looking again. I so love the wild horses and it would devastate me if we lost a whole herd this way.

Tornado Victims?

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