June Bug’s Update

June bug update 2

I thought that our followers might like to have an update on “June Bug” who was rescued Frank Coggins earlier this year. I had a chance to visit her on August 25, 2010 and took great delight in seeing the growth in her. As you can see her coat has started it’s process of turning into a dark brown color, which will probably be her adult color. She has gained weight and height under the care of Lori and Merle Fox who manage Sunset Guiding, which June Bug calls home right now. Lori laughed as she described how she was going to wean the young filly off the bottle. She just was going to be tough and just cut her off. Feeding her good grass and hay only. Didn’t work, “June Bug” demanded her bottle of milk. More milk replacer had to be bought on a quick trip into Sundre.

June bug update


Merle talks about “June Bug” being one of the most photgraphed horses he has ever known. People drop by all the time to visit young “June Bug”. They have come from as far away as Japan and Europe.




Lori takes the young filly on daily walks around the premises for excercise and attention. I must say that she does love her attention. She loves to be rubbed and patted and it was quite a chore to get good photos of her. She would come right over and stick her nose in my face. Quite a treat and it made me chuckle at her antics. We wish her the best of luck and hope to see her when she is a little older again. Thanks Frank, Lori and Merle. Bob.

June bug update 3

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