On August 25, 2010 a meeting was held of the board of directors for WHOAS. The meeting took place along the Panther River, at Sunset Guiding, our first outdoors meeting. The meeting was required as our previous Secretary/Treasurer quit the society. At the meeting we welcomed three new directors, Ann Howes, Dan McIntyre and Merle Fox. This was as a result of one our directors moving. With our incubant directors we now have eight directors. Lori Fox accepted the nomination as our new Secretary/Treasurer and was voted in unanimously. Other business in regards to this position was also dealt with at that time by the board.  At that time it was decided that Bob Henderson will continue in his role as president of the Society and Jack Nichol as vice president.

It was agreed that the Society would hold semi-annual General Memebership meetings to keep our members up to date on any issues surrounding the Society and the welfare of the Wild Horses of Alberta. These meetings with date and time wil be posted on this site when they are decided upon. It was also decided that the board will meet every two months to assure that WHOAS continues to follow our goals and objectives in the protection of the Wild Horses.

We will continue to produce our Annual WHOAS fund raising calendar, as these have become quite poplular, with 700 being sold last year. Bob Henderson has accepted the responsibility for producing the calendars.

We are working on a new Wild Horse Management proposal to submit to the Sustainable Resource Development department of the Alberta government, sometime in 2011. Our previous one submitted in 2004 was largely ignored by the government. We did have one lady working on the legal aspect of legislation change, however we have not heard from her for a while and we may have to start from scratch on that point.

WHOAS has never strayed from our original goals and objectives since our founding in 2001. At the meeting these points as well as our fund raising, membership applications, accepting of donations and the like were also discussed to assure that all on the board were in agreement on these points.

Bob Henderson will also continue to go out to interest groups, 4H groups and schools giving a video presentation and talk on our Wild Horses, that belong to all of us.

We would also like to thank all our membership and other interested indviduals for their continued support of the Society and again of course the Wild Horses. We also give special thanks to Dave and Lynn at Northernhorse for there awesome support.

Bob Henderson will also continue to answer all e-mail inquiries sent to us by individuals and the media.

If you wish to join our Society a membership application form is on our website.

Thank you, Bob.

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