School Visit

Big Horn Reserve Ta-Otha School
Big Horn Reserve Ta-Otha School

On October 13, 2010 I was privileged to be able to attend at the Ta-Otha School of the Big Horn Reserve west of Nordegg, Alberta. Here I gave the Wild Horses of Alberta presentation to the students of the school. All students are people of the First Nations and it was my honor to be able to talk to them. I say this because it was the First Nations who were instrumental on re-introducing the horse back into what is now Alberta. Their culture is steeped tradition and in their relationship with the horse.

The day did not go totally well though. Flat tire on the way up delayed me by about an hour and then with a brand new laptop, I could not get the sound to work and so I had to do a verbal dialoque of the photoshow. Despite this I was warmly thanked at the end. I was also able to provide the young student, Cerral Smallboy, who had raised the $53.00 mostly in pennies, which he  donated to WHOAS, with one of our T-shirts. In returned I received a coffee cup with the school name on it. It meant a lot to me and I will treasure it as a momento of my visit.

The student body of Ta-Otha School
The student body of Ta-Otha School

Thanks to all the students, teachers and parents who were there.


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