Leading Idea Speakers Series – Banff Center

On January 13, 2011 at 7:30PM, the Banff Center will be hosting a speakers forum in the Max Bell Auditorium.  Tickets for this event are $12.00.  For some reason WHOAS was not invited to be on the panel of speakers, however Dr. Claudia Notzke, one of WHOAS’s biggest supporters will be.  Also on the panel are Geoff Powter and biologist Cliff White.

See, www.banffcenter.caevents.

Although not invited,  you can know that I will be there to represent WHOAS and the Wild Horses of Alberta.  Although I am sure that Dr. Notzke will assure that all facts presented are correct, I will be there also to give her moral support and cheer her on.

Also there will be photographs of the wild horses by photographer Andrew Querner and art work by Maureen Enns.  I will make sure we have the WHOAS calendars and CD’s there also for people to see.

There is new word out that Sustainable Resource and Development is commencing round-ups of wild horses in certain locations in Wild Horse Country.  I will be checking into this and post the information I find out as soon as I can. 

The SRD always claims that they would like us to co-operate with them, however as in the past, they continue to ignore the wishes of a majority of Albertans and WHOAS and do as they please.  Even if they would let us know about these intended round ups and the reasons why, it would be easier for WHOAS to lend our support if possible.  You can also be assurred that if these round ups are taking place, all horses will be going for slaughter.  Why???????


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