Update on Banff’s Leading Speaker Event

I would just like to do a quick update on this event that took place at the Banff Center, on Thursday evening, January 13, 2011.  This event was very well attended by the public.

Dr. Claudia Notzke was unfortunately unable to attend due to weather and road conditions.  I was then asked to take part in the panel discussion.  The event first previewed a movie made for the Animal Planet TV series, Wild Horses of the Canadian Rockies.  After that the panel discussion took place.  Geoff Powter a writer for Explore Magazine moderated the discussion.  Cliff White, a retired Parks Canada Warden was the other panel member.  The discussion took place around having buffalo re-introduced as free ranging animals in horse country and the concept of removing all wild horses in order to do so.

I stood firm on WHOAS’s belief that the wild horses are an intrigal part of the whole ecosystem as it exists in the foothills today.  Further that their numbers are such that they do not present the problems that wild horses have presented in other countries, (USA and Australia).  Also that they should be left alone and appreciated for the part they have played in Alberta’s and Canada’s history.  Hopefully I was able to sway the audience’s opinion in favor of the wild horses.


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