A Little Miracle

Come on guys slow down

More and more of this year’s wild horse foal crop are making their first appearance in this beautiful world.  This past Saturday I was accompanied by Sandie as I toured the back country to photograph the new arrivals.

A couple of years back Sandie had bought at an auction, a horse that she believed had been a wildie.  He was not quite a year old when she bought him and named him Juno.  The past little while we had exchanged e-mails and she had sent me a couple of pictures of Juno.  Once I looked at pictures of him, I assured Sandie that he was indeed, a wild horse that had been captured and ended up at the auction.  This just heightened her want to visit the wild horses and come in contact with the deep spiritual connection she has inside herself for these magnificent creatures.

Except for the wind, the day was great and we were able to come across several herds and observed 16 foals with the herds.  One of the first we found in the mornings was brand new, still wobbling and having to lean on mom for support.  It was a great day for Sandie and I let her know that she must be blessed because of the closeness we got to so many of the horses.

Sunday came and friends of Sandie’s phoned her to let her know that they had found this wild horse foal that was only around two days old and it could not get up at all.  They then took the foal under their wing until Sandie could get there to help.  After giving me a quick call to let me know, off she went with a friend to where the foal was being attended to.   The foal was indeed in extreme need of medical attention.  With her friend driving and Sandie holding onto the foal in the back of the horse trailer, they hurried to Moore’s Veterinary Centre.  When she talked to me from the back of the trailer you could hear the concern in her voice about the future of the little guy.

Once there the vets confirmed that he had almost no antibodies in his system and probably had not received any of the mare’s colostrum.  Why and what happened to the mare we are unsure of.

On the phone again I told Sandie that she had to do what was right inside her heart for the foal but that WHOAS would support her in her decision.  It was then decided to give the foal a transfusion of antibodies to at least give the small thing a chance.  Not arriving home until 3:00 AM, Sandie spent the night in the horse trailer with the foal laying it’s head on the same blanket that Sandie was resting her’s on.  The next night she did the same, in order  to make the foal feel safe and secure. From here the story just continues to be better, as the young boy has started to drink it’s milk, go for walks around Sandie’s farm yard with her and slowly begins to explore it’s new world and home.

On Wednesday I had a chance to visit Sandie, Juno and the new addition, the yet to be named foal.  My heart melted again as the litle guy came out of the trailer and walked right up to me putting it’s face up to mine and bunting me wanting a drink of milk. I would now like to introduce you to the young boy.

Save and secure
Gaining strength and wanting love
Oh goodie, dinner.
Oh, that tastes so good.

After having drank some of it’s milk Sandie and I decided to introduce Juno to one of his kin, another wildie.  After seeing it for myself with my wildie, Wylie, I believe that wild horses recognize their own.  Juno got extremely excited and wanted to run and play with the fragile little guy.  Both Sandie’s and my heart raced as Juno started to run and move the young boy, in order to get him to run too.  In order to protect the young boy from being bumped too hard we  had to intervene and I carried him back to the security of his own pen.  You could tell the foal is feeling much better and getting more strength and balance.  Once in the pen he put himself to bed and after all that excercise, quickly fell asleep.

I'm so tired

After such a rough start in life this young fellow is truely one of those miracles that makes me even more committed and in love with the work I do in order to protect his kind.

This coming Tuesday, Sandie will be having a native naming event to give her latest addition a name.  I want to thank Sandie, her friends and, Moore’s Veterinary staff who have given him a new chance in life.


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