Although I usually try to be soley focused on keeping our members and supporters updated on the wild horses, I thought that I would mention this beautiful performance.  Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the show at Canada Olympic Park and I found the show to be totally amazing.  The scenery and performers were fantastic but what I saw was the unbelievable relationship this group of people have with their horses.  The bond and trust that these horses have with their trainers is evident throughout the show.  As most of you have read elsewhere, Cavalia adopted two young horses from Kathy and Mike at Bearvalley Rescue.  Cricket and Linus were the first two horses to make their appearance, no halters, just them, amongst all the performers that were on stage.  Unafraid they wandered freely, how beautiful and what an amazing life that they are going to have.

I see this also in so many people who truely love the horse, for what it means to us humans.  With the case of Cavalia I was impressed and I certainly wish that others in our world respected the wild horses here in Alberta the way that they do theirs.

At the beginning of the performance, on the curtains they gave a history of the horse but I truly loved the one quote that indicates how they see their horses.  It was an Arab proverb, ” God’s gift to man was the horse”.  So fitting and how many of us do like to believe it.  Thanks.


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