Our Adopties

I would like to introduce all of our followers and members to some of the young wild horses that we managed to rescue.  Jack and Dan have spent quite a bit of time with them and we now feel that they are ready to go to new homes.

Dan, gelded and ready for a new home

The next pictures are of “Brewster”, he is still a stud colt but we will have him gelded shortly.



Brewster loves his oats

The next two boys are already gelded and ready for homes.



Preacher and Jack


Adorable Timmy

Then we have the three ladies of the outfit that were rescued and have a chance at a wonderful life.

Such a cute young filly
Our girl Flicka just loves anyone that will rub her

Then we have our last lady, the little mare we call “Kit”.  She is ready to foal within the nex 7-10 days.  We will keep kit safe and protected until we are sure that her and her new foal we be able to go to a loving home.  Kit still needs some work and that is another reason we are going to spend more time with her.

"Kit" our soon to be mom

Again I would like to thank Dan, Jack, Karen and all our other supporters that have spent time with these young horses, quieten them down to the point that they are now able to find a new life.

Some of the other horses have already found new homes and potential adopters will be screened and must fill out an adoption contract.  The adoption fee is $300.00.  We would also request that anyone that does decide to adopt a rescued wildie, spend at least a day at our rescue farm, with the handlers in order that you are sure that you really want to adopt one of these beautiful young horses.

Wild horses are very smart and once they learn to trust you they become a very loyal companion to their owner.  “TRUST” is the word.  You must earn any horses trust in order for them to become a good partner for you, but this especially true for the wild horses.  Trust me, as I know, I have two of them myself and they are superior mountain horses and friends.

I would like to add another point here about the outrageous  number of horses allowed to be caught this year, with most of them going to slaughter.  The reponse has been overwhelming and I am struggling getting back to everyone.  I handle most of the correspondence and spokesperson duties right now, by myself.  I certainly try to get back to everyone but sometimes I have some that slip through.  To those that have written and not received my personal response, I apologize, but never the less your words and support are greatly appreciated by WHOAS and the wild horses of Alberta.


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