2014 WHOAS Calendars Are Here

Cover Photo
Cover Photo


The new 2014 Wild Horses of Alberta Society’s 14-month calendar is now available. This is our only means of fundraising and it represents our 10th year of producing the calendar in support of our efforts to protect and save the wild horses that live here in Alberta. It features the cover picture as above and from November 2013 to December 2014 fourteen other photographs and narratives of different wild horses. These are all new photos of the wild horses that we were fortunate enough to find over the past months.

November 2013
November 2013


WHOAS is working hard to build up enough funds that will enable us to build a handling and research facility for any wild horses that for any reason may have to be removed from their natural environment. It is unfortunate that many attitudes against the wild horses have not changed or likely to be changed in the very near future. Therefore it is becoming urgent for a facility such as this to be in place so that we may save as many wild horses as we can.

April 2014
April 2014


The funds raised from the sale of these calendars will go toward helping us reach this goal.

May 2014
May 2014

The calendars are $25 which includes shipping and handling and can be ordered by sending a cheque or money order to:


Box 70022

Olds, AB  T4H 0A3

They can also be purchased at the Sundre Museum, UFA in Olds, AB, at the Millarville Christmas Fair (November 8-11), and Cochrane Ranche Christmas Fair, Saturday, November 23. We are also looking for other venues where we will be able to place these calendars for sale as we are unable to participate in the Spruce Meadows Christmas Fair.




9 thoughts on “2014 WHOAS Calendars Are Here

  1. Christine Weller (Ontario)

    I’m ordering my 2014 Calendar and look forward to the inspiring pictures of these beautiful animals.
    Thanks for all the work you are doing.
    I think there is much to learn from the natural instincts of these horses in their wild state.


  2. John Austin

    Just got our calendar Bob and it is gorgeous. Full of fantastic photos of the stunning wildies. Thank you! I am always watching this website for the latest news on Alberta’s wild horses. Your updates are great.


  3. Lauri

    I just sent an email to Robin Campbell and Allison Redford. I’m absolutely appalled at the nonchalant attitude at ESRD about the welfare of these horses. I am outraged in the conflict of interest being ignored in giving a permit to a member of the steering committee and I am completly appalled that they are saying there is EIA in this herd and they haven’t even tested. This is totally unacceptable bullying by ESRD and Albertans should not be allowing this to happen. Why aren’t these horses offered to the general population for people to re-home them or to bring them into our private herds? ARRRR -feeling so helpless. I wish I had heard sooner, or found your site sooner. Keep up the good work, you can be sure I’ll be more involved now that I know about this.


  4. I heard Mr Henderson talk about the plight of the wild horses in Alberta. This is is the first time I heard of it, but I am not surprised with this government. I have ordered 4 calanders and will distribute them amongst some os my horse friends. Do you have any post cards, for distribution. Also have you presented this to the 4 H horse clubs in Alberta. I think that awareness would be one of the biggest steps, and obviously the news media isn’t helping. If I can be of any help let me know.
    Keep up the good work.


  5. I just love what you do Bob…
    I saw your interview on TV last year on the WHOAS.
    I have been wanting to sell my home in Lundbreck for a couple yrs now and move to Sundre.
    Would love to work with these wild horses with all of you. I m just an old-fashioned country farm girl.
    I work up north in the Oil Sands, 8 yrs now, want to move somewhere, where I have more access to a part-time job and semi-retire.
    Cannot think of a better place.
    Sandy Potiuk

    I am home today. Work 14 days and 7 off


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