Fund Raising Calendars


WHOAS Calendar 2015


  Again we encourage the supporters of the Alberta wild horses to purchase a fund raising calendar.  All monies raised goes directly into our work for the horses. We would like to invite our followers to come and visit us at our booth at the Cremona Winter Fest on December 6th. Calendars are also available for pick up at the Smokes and Toast Restaurant in Bowden, the Red Barn and Gifts in Water Valley, the Sundre Museum and at the UFA in Olds. We are also now able to take payment by use of PayPal. Thank you to all who support us through the purchase of these beautiful calendars.

4 thoughts on “Fund Raising Calendars

  1. exmountie

    Hello everyone. I am fairly new to the site…but am an a horse lover. I was on the Calgary Police Mounted Patrol Unit years ago….but am a Calgary Firefighter right now. I know its too late for a Christmas fund raising dance…but maybe something in the New Year? Just rent a hall or get one donated? Get a DJ to play some country music at charge $20 a head. Just a suggestion.
    Brian Cassidy


  2. I think that people should leave things alone. The wild horses are not hurting them, so they should mine their own business and let the horses live their lives. Every time I am down that way I see them eating a long the bush roads and I love to see that they are not starving and there’s place that they can paw and get grass. I don’t think people should have the right to go in and get them out unless they pay for them. I agree with the lady that is watching them. Those horses have been there for years. A lot of belong to people that have turned them loose and then let them defend for themself. You folks that are looking after them and working with them I am proud of you all. Sign mr. Robert Gary young . Keep up the good work folks


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