Merry Christmas



The WHOAS Board of Directors and our many volunteers would like to take this time to wish all wild horse supporters a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. It is through the support of so many, that WHOAS is able to work ahead to make the future of your wild horses look so much brighter. We will continue to work hard for Alberta’s wild horses.

The winter so far has turned out to be so much easier for the horses with warmer temperatures and less snow. The horses are still in good shape and able to find forage easily throughout the wild horse range.

The WHOAS handling facility, due to the efforts of our build volunteers, is almost complete. It is also through your support of purchasing the calendars and many generous donations that this has become a reality. Heartfelt thanks to all.


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Don

    And a very Merry Christmas to you also Bob and all the volunteers and supporters that have been a part of this through out the years. All the best to you and the horses in 2015.


  2. Jessi H.

    Hi there
    I want to pm but I can’t seem to find any contacts listed ( but I’m pretty computer illiterate at times). I couldn’t help but notice thy there is a lot of going on about horse trappers. I understand that this might be bad if the horses are just going for meat but I support it if the horses are caught in a humane manner and they get used for riding and such. Also I was curious if anyone has looked into different methods of keeping the numbers down. There is a competition in the states called Mustang Makeover. It lets people from all over the states be assigned a mustang (they don’t get to choose their horse) and they are given 120 days to train their mustang. Then they take their horse to a competition in fort worth and they compete in different courses until one trainer and horse team is announced the winner. After the competition there is a auction and all the horses are auctioned off with the proceeds going to maintaining the mustang herds. The competition brings awareness to the mustangs plight, helps support the herds financially, and it culls the herds in humane ways, by the horses being adopted. There are a lot of great horse people across Canada and I know a fair few that would be interested in this type of competition. Canadians can compete in the mustang makeover but the horses must remain in the states, so it involves living there for a few months. I’ll end my ramblings now just figured I’d give my ideas. Ive loved wild horses since I was a little girl and I look forward to them being around for when my kids grow up and being able to be wowed and awed by them


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