Sold Out


WHOAS is officially sold out of our 2015 fund raising calendars.  We wish to thank all of you who purchased one, as all money from the sale of the calendars goes directly into our work to save and protect your wild horses.  It has cost a large sum of money to initiate our PZP vaccine program, which is proceeding very well.  Also our handling facility was very expensive to get up and running and is almost complete.  We have already taken on some wild horses.

The site is going to become very important in the next few weeks as it was announced today that a capture season was being instigated in the Ghost Equine Zone.  WHOAS will be working hard to save as many horses as we can that are captured.  This news was disappointing and I will do a post on this later this evening after we get all the updated information.


3 thoughts on “Sold Out

  1. Tracey

    I spoke too you on Facebook today about adopting a mustang. . Please keep me informed and i am willing too help in anyway. .. Thanks Tracey Griffiths
    403 625 1118


  2. rgh7

    I just finished reading numerous comments on the AlbertaOutdoorsmanForum , as i was hoping to get a view from others who enjoy the Alberta wilderness but was somewhat sadden to see nearly every comment was single minded and contained no solutions to the wild horse situation but was mostly juvenile name calling to those whose they didn’t agree with.For those who care about things other than just themselves,who spend our hard earned money and dedicate our limited free time helping the wild horses in alberta and many other species i found their comments both humorous and sad.They complain that the wild horses eat up the grasses that the deer,elk, and moose graze on yet their only solution is to kill all the wild horses as more than one commentor shared that opinion.I believe if they really cared about the deer,elk and moose they would take a page out of Ducks Unlimited , and the supporters of the wild horses and supply food and a flourishing enviroment for those animals.I truly believe that all animals in Alberta are precious and they all deserve to live their lives free of the fear of extinction.My sincere hope is that we can find a solution to this situation, where all parties will be happy and doing whats best for the animals . Take care everyone and never give up hope.


  3. Cheryl

    I live on 7 acres in Southern Alberta. I would happily share my life with one of the rescues. Just let me know. I have a truck and trailer.


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