Spring Brings New Life – Little “April”

The 3 amigos
The 3 amigos

Things are getting a little quieter at the WHOAS Mountain Horse Facility, as more of our rescued horses have moved on to their new homes. We still have the two pregnant mares who are getting closer to foaling, but have been adopted. As well we have four colts that are waiting for their journey to their new forever homes, and six horses available for adoption. Two of our youngest ones were to go to a new home, but due to an illness to their adoptive home, they are available again.

Pictured above are the two of them along with their friend, “Ted” who cannot wait their turn to go for water. Instead they have learned to drink out of the end of the hose which is just hilarious to watch.

"Ted" enjoying refreshments
“Ted” enjoying refreshments

Even though we are still waiting for our rescued mares to foal, we had a great surprise awaiting us on Monday as one of the resident wild mares presented us with a little filly.

New life
New life

“Babe” is the new mother of “April.” She is a wonderful and protective mother.

Stretching my new legs
Stretching my new legs
On the move with my Mom
On the move with my Mom
What's this green stuff?
What’s this green stuff?
How wonderful they truly are!
How wonderful they truly are!

We will keep you posted on “April’s” progress and any other new additions that are shortly to come.





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