WHOAS 2016 Fund Raising Calendars


2016 Calendar
2016 Calendar

Since 2004, in order to support our work to save and protect our Alberta Mountain (Wild) Horses, WHOAS has produced a fund raising calendar.  All monies raised from the sale of the calendars goes directly into this work.

Since signing our agreements with the Alberta government, our Society has increased our activities to assure that our Alberta horses remain forever on the landscape for future generations. These agreements have allowed us the opportunity to provide longterm alternative management strategies. We continue to work closely with the government toward achieving our goals. As such we have expanded our education and handling facility and will continue with our contraception program. We are working closely with the faculty from the University of Calgary and other researchers for the success of our projects.

We have invested substantial amounts of funding into these programs and will have to continue to do this going forward. At present everything we do is done with our own funds and the kind donations of individuals and other groups, who truly wish to help protect these magnificent creatures.  At this time we receive no outside financial support.

We encourage you to support our Alberta Mountain Horses by purchasing the WHOAS calendar. We ship the orders as quickly as we can, usually the same day.  You can click on the purchase a calendar link at the top of the page to use PayPal or you can send cheque or money order to;

Box 70022
Olds, AB.  T4H 0A3



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