Spring is Here??

Spring is trying its best to make its appearance, however, winter is still trying to hold on a little longer. Roaming the hills the other day we started at plus 11C and ended up in a blizzard. All the creeks and rivulets were full of rushing water as the sun rapidly melted a lot of the snow. The horses were seeking the warm hillsides and had left the bottom meadows because of the torrents of water. We found this stallion and his herd soaking up the sunshine.

This yearling and his family sit high above us calmly watching us drive past. We are starting to find a few new foals with the herds. Although this appears to be early, maybe they know something we don’t. These newborns are doing well.

The Black stallion

Just a little further along we found our beautiful boy that we call the “Black Stallion” and his herd wandering through another area where little melting had occurred. Here the forage is still a little harder to find but as you see the horses are in excellent condition for this time of year.


This beautiful stallion has been roaming by himself all winter despite the fact we have seen other bachelor bands in the area. So we have named him “Lonesome.

WHOAS has another wonderful video of our Alberta wild horses produced by Through the Lens Images we are pleased to share with you. Enjoy!

March Wildies

March Wildies


3 thoughts on “Spring is Here??

  1. Don

    Headed out West today toward Cork Screw Pass and found two herds. One of 9 with two colts and one of 6 with one colt. All in real nice condition, the winter has been easy on them. What a great day!


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