Our Colourful Wild Horses

It’s May and the hillsides have lost their covering of snow.  Now the green grass, leaves and early flowers are coming adding colour to wild horse country.  We can now hike or ride our horses into the more out of the way valleys and meadows.  We are then able to find some of the more colourful horses that roam the land.  This beautiful stallion has his two mares in one of those spots, but so far no foals.  It will be soon however.

This stunning mare still has her foal, which is a sorrel, from last year at her side.

This young stud is still with his small herd of two mares and the stallion.  He is growing.  Soon though he will be forced out and have to find some other young boys to join up with.

This roan 3-4 year old boy was with his buddy as they search out the new grass on an open hillside.


In a valley bottom we came across one of our favourite herds.  There are three pinto mares, two with pinto yearlings and one with her sorrel yearling.  It was so nice to see all three of the young ones along with the rest of the herd had successfully made it it through the long winter.

We came across this golden-maned yearling travelling with his herd. He stands out even from a distance compared to the rest of his band. He is so beautiful but as you can see needs some groceries and green grass.

This yearling was enjoying a good butt rub on some willow bushes. His lips were just quivering as he got into it. It feels so good!

It is always wonderful to witness the new life that every spring brings on. This mare and her newborn filly were enjoying the evening and new grass finally emerging on the exposed hillside. It was cute to watch the little one mouth whatever Mom was eating. Her lips would just go with nothing much in them.

Far away from the roads we came across this magnificent black stallion with his one mare and buckskin yearling. What a beautiful specimen of a wild horse! So very, very proud.

Just to keep you updated, we have been unsuccessful in being able to capture the young stallion with the lasso around his neck. The biggest reason is there is now new feed available and all the wild horses are moving around a lot. The rope is broken off and is still around his neck but only about 4 ft. long. We will keep trying to see what we can do for him, but hopefully he may be able to rub it off himself now.


4 thoughts on “Our Colourful Wild Horses

  1. Louise Rita

    There’s nothing like seeing horses in wild settings. I have loved wild horses since I was 9 years old! Thank you for sharing.


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