Looking for a New Home

WHOAS has two young boys that were rescued earlier this fall. These young wild horses had wandered onto private property after a domestic mare. As in the past, WHOAS was able to step in and safely remove these boys. Since we are not allowed to release wild horses back into the wild, they were brought to our handling facility to begin a new life.

This is “Chico” who is 3 years old. He is close to 14hh and is very solidly built, typically of many of our wild horses. He has just been gelded, vaccinated, wormed and had his wolf teeth removed. Also at this time he was branded with WHOAS freeze brand. The gentling process is moving along. He is led into our barn for feed and grooming twice a day. He is still needs more work to convince him that humans can be his friends. He is very smart and once into someone’s formal training program will move along quickly.

This is two-year old “Cascade”. He came in with his buddy, Chico. As with Chico, he has been gelded, vaccinated, wormed, had his wolf teeth removed and freeze branded. Both these boys have responded quickly to our gentling process and show a good willingness to learn. Again he still needs some more time with us before he will be ready to move on.

These wild horses require a person that understands them, is willing to learn with them because once they bond with a new owner, their allegiance is unwavering. If you feel that you have what it takes to own one of these beautiful horses, we encourage you to contact us to arrange a visit.

A reminder that we still have our WHOAS calendars which make a great Christmas gift to your horse loving family and friends. The sale of the calendars help us continue with the work we are doing for the wild horses like these two boys.

Here’s our email if you would like to come out for a visit:



One thought on “Looking for a New Home

  1. Heather Chim_Jackson

    Hi If I were you people I would try and contact the Reserve say Saddle Lake First Nations, to see if they would put up these notifications “if anyone that is willing to buy these horses”. In my experience, there are quite a lot of people that have horses, and they look after them very well. This is just a suggestion I have. And there is another reserve which is Whitefish Lake First Nations. I’m sure someone would be interested in getting a horse.

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