Two New Rescues

WHOAS once again has been called upon to rescue two young studs who strayed onto a rancher’s property and were trying to bother his horses.  We truly would love to see these beautiful horses remain running free and wild, but once they are on private land they fall under the Stray Animal Act.  In the past these two boys, along with a lot of the other studs we have rescued, would have met with a much different outcome. We have tried to obtain approval to reintroduce these rescues back onto public land, but in all cases have met with a refusal from the AEP. Therefore, we will continue to step in to rescue, gentle and then find them new loving homes.

Feel free to contact WHOAS to come and visit these boys and our other two adoptables. If you are contemplating adopting one of these wonderful horses, email us to arrange a time to see them.

One thought on “Two New Rescues

  1. Darlene Belford

    Your two new rescue wildies (studs) are beautiful. I also read about the horses previously adopted. Love what you do. Learned about the wildies from Maureen Enns book which I also thought amazing.


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