So Much Snow

Winter is not letting up in wild horse country. Temperatures are consistently cold and the snow is accumulating. This yearling has found some grass under the pine trees and the horses are starting to have to roam quite a bit in order to find sufficient feed.

This stallion sought shelter and feed under a mature spruce tree tired of digging through knee deep snow. Who can blame him!

For you who purchased the WHOAS calendar, this filly is the “hurdler”. Getting all grown up despite the long winter she is in very good condition and growing. This photo was taken on March 1, just before another 30 cms of snow blanketed the countryside.

The next day these are the conditions the horses had to face in order to find feed. Notice the two youngsters under the mature trees behind this pregnant mare.

As the day passed, the snow increased and continued to pile up. This beautiful herd, with snow covered backs, worked together in this opening to paw back the deep snow. One good thing is that the snow is still very soft and has not crusted over which would make survival much more difficult for all the wildlife.

Darn snow!

Spread throughout wild horse country are natural mineral licks. These licks are important to the health of the horses especially at this time of year in order that they get the nutrients to stay in good health. This beautiful mare has her head deep down getting to the yummy dirt!

Look at her muzzle – “I need a napkin!” Satisfied she then wandered off to join her herd feeding behind her.

BlueSky Radio interviewed Bob last week about WHOAS’ continuing work to protect and save the Alberta wild horses. Here is a link to the audio file:

Bob Henderson Wild Horses of Alberta Society.MP3


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