Will Winter Ever End?

April Fool’s – still snowing. Yesterday as March rolled into April, the snow and cold persist in wild horse country. As we travelled the back roads, we found this group of boys trying to find some feed. The snow continues to deepen and this causes us concern as the foaling season is ready to start. Although the young ones may be able to adapt to the cold, the hard crusted snow would make it very difficult for them to follow their mare.

Even these boys had difficulty moving across this open clearing. We hope that the weather will moderate soon and the snow will start to recede and soften making it easier for all the forest’s inhabitants. Yesterday we even saw deer struggling to negotiate to travel across the snow pack. Go away cold and snow!

Along the eastern edge of the forestry the snows seems deeper and the horses are sticking closer to the tree lines in order to find something to eat.

As we moved further west where there was some open areas, the west winds and sun had started to open up some areas. The horses are moving to find these places. These two young boys were taking advantage of not having to paw.

Just when it seems that spring was here and the hillsides were exposed with the warmth of the sun, along comes another snow storm.

A little further west, on the real steep hillsides, even on a cold day, the sun has some warmth and has melted the snow. Right now these hillsides are being sought out by several herds.

It is hard to believe that two years ago on April 18, a forest fire was raging right where the snow is the deepest this year.

Even last year at this time, there was little snow left and the foals that were born had it easier. We have not found any new foals yet this year.

In several locations our members have had to move horses back into the forestry from public roadways. The horses were able to walk straight across the Texas gates  that lead into crown land as they were completely filled up with snow. WHOAS contacted the county in regards to this concern and the very next day we were so pleased to find that they had sent in vac trucks to clean them out. We have found no more escapees.

We hope that by the time Donoma is ready to foal, that her baby has a warm and dry environment to begin its new life.




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