Spring Wonders

After a seemingly endless winter, spring finally came and with the warmth of the sun so did the grasses that our wild horses so desperately needed.  The hillsides and meadows are now green with plants of all varieties.

Throughout May and now into June the wild horse mares that were bred are giving birth to the next generation. Although they are still thin, they can forage easily now and produce bountiful milk for their beautiful wonders.

At this time of year, WHOAS volunteers are out in the field documenting the number of foals in our research area. This information is being gathered to assist in our yearly report to the AEP on the wild horses.

We had noticed throughout the long winter months that a number of the larger herds split up. This was to enable the horses to find enough feed to survive. Now going into spring and the foaling season we are finding several small herds where it is just one stallion, a mare and her baby. This is just nature assuring their survival.

As we are out in the field doing our observations throughout the week, we have been entertained by the antics of several of the young bachelor bands we have come across. Always on the move, they constantly test and pester each other.

Here another pair are engaged in a wrestling match. These are so fun to watch as little harm comes to either, just a few scratches and bite marks.

The other evening as we travelled about we were entertained by a couple of groups of wildies including these two youngsters. Here is a short video showing the beauty and uniqueness of our Alberta wild horses.

We hope that you enjoyed the video and can admire the treasure that these horses are for Alberta.

As soon as it stops raining, which the forest desperately needed, we will be out checking on the horses again.


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