Fund Raising Calendar

WHOAS is pleased to announce that our annual fund raising calendar is now available.  This is our 15th year of producing the calendar to assist in our work to protect save and rescue the Alberta wild horses.  Just click on the link on the top of the home page to order the calendar though PayPal or how to order one through the mail.  We attempt to send out the calendars as soon as we receive the order using Canada Post.

The monies raised goes toward our work in rescuing the wild horses that stray onto private land, such as the magnificent “Dakota” pictured above. He will soon be ready for adoption as he has been gelded and vaccinated. He may be harder to find a home for as he is 12 years of age. We are still working with him and hopefully someone out there may willing to take on a project such as him.

This is little “Dancer”, a yearling filly, that was brought in during the summer. She is doing really well, comes into the barn, and is interested in people that visit her. The weather this fall has certainly not cooperated in helping her look as pretty as she really is. Too much mud and snow!


Here is her friend, “Dixie”, another yearling filly. Why do horses enjoy rolling in the mud so much?    We are so happy that this young girl has been adopted and will soon be going to a new home.


This is “Donny” who is a yearling who has now been gelded, wolf teeth removed, dewormed, vaccinated and branded.  He is a very curious and friendly young boy.    The beautiful young boy also has found someone who will give him a great forever home.


This beautiful boy is “Diablo” a three year old Alberta wild horse who also strayed onto private property looking for a lady friend.  He is about 14.2 hh and he has also received the full treatment and is now a gelding too.

The next boy we have is “Dusty” who is a three year old, now a gelding.  He is also around that 14.2 hands and very solidly built.  Again WHOAS has had to step in and rescue these young bachelors after they stray off of public land and onto private ranches.  We are prohibited from relocating them back onto public land by the AEP.

Finally we have “Duke” who we have just had to rescue in the past week.  He has had nothing done to him yet and we are just working on calming him and getting him use to human interaction.

We have had a busy year having to step in and save these horses, but a new adoptive home is better than them being caught and sent to auction.  We have over the years rescued and rehomed over 90 horses and it is through the money raised by the sale of our calendar and your generous donations that we are able to continue to do this, giving the horses a second chance and an opportunity for a better life.

With our funding, WHOAS also continues to support the scientific research being done by university researchers in order to better understand the wild horses and their effect on the ecosystems of our Alberta foothills.  We are dedicated to finding solutions for the most humane and proper methods of wild horse management and have been since 2001.

So we hope that you will support the wild horses too by purchasing one of our calendars. Just click on the link at the top or here.

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One thought on “Fund Raising Calendar

  1. Harvey miller

    I received the two calendars I ordered and the photos are beautiful!!! However why did you change the size of the date boxes smaller as there is hardly any room to write in them. Also the numbers for the dates are tiny and not bold print like before!! Also why are moon cycles not on it this year?????


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