Horses Ready for Adoption

Got your WHOAS 2019 Calendar yet? All money raised goes to our work to protect and save your Alberta wild horses. This little cutie does need your support. To order your calendar, click on link at the top of the page – “2019 WHOAS Fund Raising Calendar”.

WHOAS has three horses left that are available for adoption. Visit the new page at the top of the website – “Horses Ready for Adoption” for pictures and video about them.


2 thoughts on “Horses Ready for Adoption

    1. WHOAS would love to be able to release these horses back into the wild, but we are prohibited by the Alberta government’s AEP department. These are all horses that have strayed or been pushed onto private property. In the past when this happened the horses would have been caught up, sent to meat buyers. We have worked very hard to stop this and that is why we now have a facility to which we can bring these horses, gentle them down and adopt them out. We step in now to capture the horses to give them a chance for a better life in a caring and loving forever home. Also in the past the government has culled large numbers of wild horses and WHOAS now has the capability to rescue them instead of them going to a much different end.

      Previous posts have outlined the stories of these horses and how and why we ended up saving them from slaughter. As we have stated too, what would one rather have auction or adoption? Public support is so important for us to continue this work otherwise it could go back to the way it was, which is not nice.


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