Family Dynamics

It was a snowy day this week when we headed out west to check on the wild horses. Despite the snow all the horses that we found were very healthy and doing extremely well. This pretty mare was accompanied only by a young stallion obviously starting his own herd.

As were drove further we came across this beautiful herd of ten horses with three of them being this year’s foals. They paid very little attention to us as over the hill came a band of four young studs.

Being typical young stallions it was wonderful to watch all the interaction that was taking place within this group. They were constantly testing each other while watching the larger herd. As we sat watching and taking pictures, one of the young colts from the family group was overcome with curiosity of the boys and their antics.

Breaking from his family, he took off at full speed toward the bachelors.

His buddy looked back at the herd to see if there was any reaction before he too took off. Next thing we see is the mare of one of these two. She snorted an alarm and raced off after the two little renegades.

Now the herd stallion who had been feeding peacefully with the others, saw the commotion and knew trouble was brewing so he decided it was time to straighten things out. So off he goes after them.

He is a beautiful, powerful boy and he moved with such authority. It was so amusing to watch this play out. Because the next thing we saw was the two boys and the mare hightailing it back to the herd. They were obviously chastised for disobeying the “family dynamics” of a wild horse herd.

My goodness were they ever flying through the snow!

The stallion went right up to the interlopers, had a brief discussion, letting this boy know who was boss. He then sauntered slowly back to his herd with his chest puffed out. It’s moments like this that make the time we spend out with the horses, so rewarding. After all this ruckus the family went back to feeding wandering off and the four boys moved off the other way. Peace settled over the forest again.

We continued on our way and came across many beautiful scenes of snow covered trees and wild horses.

This amazing stallion had such a long mane and forelock standing proud over his family.

This little filly was part of another herd and despite the falling snow was finding lots to feed upon.

Rounding out our wonderful day, we came across this small family group enjoying a break in the snowfall.



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