Adorable Adoptables

Spring it feels is finally here after such a brutal February and first two weeks of March.  We thought that we just update everyone on little “Chaska” the foal born in December.  With January being so good the little one was able to gain size and strength.  Then with such a good mom he was able to survive and thrive in the extreme cold and deepening snow.  Here, as mom stands guard, he takes an afternoon nap enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Last summer WHOAS had to rescue a whole herd of horses that were on private land and faced the threat of being sold to meat buyers.  Two of the mares at that time had foals at their side and to assure their safety we turned the mares out with our resident wild herd.  Here, along with their foals, they were accepted by the herd stallion “Porterro” and the other mares.

We have now had to wean the foals from their mares in order to make sure of the health of both the mares and the foals.  We have started to work with the two foals to begin their journey toward finding a new and loving forever home.  One is a filly, “Diamond” and the other is a colt, “Dave“.

We are looking for potential adopters who would be willing to come out to volunteer to work with them, in order to get know and understand them fully.  We are also looking for individuals who would like to volunteer and help out with the wild horses we may have to rescue throughout the year.

It will still be 4 – 8 weeks before either of these two adorable little ones will be ready to go to a new home.  Their gentling process has started and we hope to expand their trust in us humans.

Here is the little filly, “Diamond“.

This is the little charmer colt, “Dave“.

If you would to look at one of them for adoption, please contact us and we can arrange an introduction to them.  If you are interested in just volunteering, also contact us and we will set up a date for training.  We will instruct you in working with and understanding the behaviour of our Alberta wild horses.

Send us an email at:

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