Dave and Diamond

Our two young horses that were rescued last summer as foals, are now a year old and ready for adoption. Dave is the bay colt as pictured above, with Diamond, a filly, just behind him. They have come a long ways and are now looking for someone to love them and help them grow up.

Here’s a video with Klara, our lead volunteer, showing how far they have come to being able to be handled safely. As you will see, both have come to trust their human helpers.


Diamond has such a beautiful little face. She was the shyest of the two, but now loves her attention and has become more confident.

It takes a special person to know and come to understand these horses so that they are able to make that bond with their human. In our years of working with these beautiful wild horses, we have come to learn that this bonding is so very important for the horse.

When Dave saw Diamond getting a close-up, he wanted a close-up too! Maybe too close! This is typical of Dave who is so curious and friendly.

If you are at all interested in adopting, we encourage you to contact us via our email (WHOASalberta@gmail.com) and we can arrange a time that you can be introduced to them and Klara would be happy to show you how she works with them.




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