The Green Grasses of Summer

WHOAS is so happy to let our followers know that our two beautiful adoptable yearlings, Dave and Diamond, have found a new forever home.  They will stay together as the wonderful person who adopted, wanted them to stay together.  We know that they will receive nothing but the best of care and lots of loving in their new home.

This year spring came in a normal fashion with some moisture and plenty of warm sunshine.  This allowed the wild horse mares that were in foal to give birth to healthy babies who had the ideal conditions to start their new lives.

With the rain, the countryside is lush with green grass allowing the wild horses to quickly build up their body conditions. This also allows the mares to produce lots of delicious milk for their newborns. As you can see here, this little filly is looking so cute and good.


You would think that the the two foals in the first picture were twins wouldn’t you? In this meadow the adult horses were so busy feeding ignoring the antics of their little ones. The dark foal had been sleeping and when he awoke the herd had fed off a bit and he had to come racing to catch up.

With the grass being so new and soft it allows for the new foals to start testing out this delicious treat. They watch and mimic the adults in searching out the best tasty morsels. This little one was trying out the dandelions.

In our travels throughout wild horse country, it is nice to come across some of our familiar herds. After not seeing Socks all winter, we came across his family which had two yearlings and a new foal. It is so great to see this magnificent stallion still doing so well.

We also found this palomino young stud doing extremely well. Last fall he had been kicked out of his herd and the last we had seen of him he was running down a trail calling out loudly for his family. He is now joined up with three other young bachelors. Maybe one day he will have his own herd and spread his coloured genes to his own offspring.

Here are two of his buddies. Just beautiful!

This beautiful pinto mare with her last year’s foal, had come through the winter months in good condition. Guess what – the stallion is a bay!

This herd of bachelor boys was found feeding, up to their knees in the water in this runoff pond. Just like moose, they were searching for the new grass shoots just under the surface.

Springtime is so wonderful because not only do we come across the wild horse foals, but also the newborn of all other wildlife. Here this beautiful black mama bear was feeding in this meadow also eating the new grass shoots. It was so neat because her roly-poly cub was cinnamon colour. This colour phase is not unusual in this particular area. They did not hang around long.

This foal is less than a week old and he tried to approach us out of curiosity but his mom would have none of it. And with a gentle murmur she called him off. With the abundance of rain, the forests including the grass are very healthy and this will help all of nature’s creatures.



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