Changing Seasons

All fall the weather here in the Alberta foothills has been from one extreme to the other.  One day it can be sunny and very warm and then the next a snow storm.  The wild horses though are enduring it all very well.  Here this beautiful stallion stands protectively beside his very pregnant mare on a cold November morning.

At this time of year the sun still has enough warmth to melt the snow on the exposed hill sides. This allows the horses to easily find enough feed without having to paw. This handsome young stallion, perhaps the son of “White Spirit”, feeds along such a hill side with some other bachelor boys.

In the valley bottoms, the heavy willows can also keep the snow from covering the grass. This young stallion has found that that grass is still very green and lush in this area. At first all we could see was his ears until he poked his head up to look at us.

A couple of days later, the weather had changed again and clouds hung low covering the mountain peaks. We found this large herd feeding in this open meadow still able to easily able to paw through not too much snow. The snow was soon to start falling again and they moved off into the protection of the trees.

Next day the sun was out again and this small family was taking advantage of the warm sunshine. All the horses, even the youngsters are still in excellent condition despite the ups and downs in the weather.

This gorgeous, pregnant mare, who is part of another herd, was also enjoying a warm day. Her eyes were closed as she snoozed and ignored us totally.

Just a reminder that our fundraising calendars are available and they can make the perfect Christmas gift for the horse lovers in your families. All the money from the sale of these does go back into our work to protect and save these magnificent Alberta wild horses. You can click on the link at the top of our page to find out how to order online or by mail. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.



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