May 2 Fundraising Banquet Cancelled

Unfortunately we are letting you know that due to the uncertainty about the unfolding of the COVID-19 virus, we feel it prudent to cancel our dinner this May 2. We are refunding any orders we have received to date and look forward to planning another event next year.

One thought on “May 2 Fundraising Banquet Cancelled

  1. Wendell kupila

    I have admired the wild horses of Alberta for 40 years. With my traveling around with oil patch , i have seen many herds of wild horses. I spent many years at Griffin Valley Ranch working with horses and taking out guided rides. To me horses are one of the most magistic animals around. Have been out driving and photographing them already this year. There is a beautiful herd of 10 just south of Wiperous on hiway 40. They are in beautiful shape and should see about 5 foals shortly. The herd consists of a stallion, 5 mares and 4 yearlings.


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