Urgent Rescue

On Thursday, WHOAS received a call from a concerned truck driver that there was a mare down in a narrow ditch that couldn’t get up, west of Caroline. Upon receiving the phone call, we quickly grabbed some gear and headed out as fast as we could. It took us almost an hour to find her and we were happy to see an RCMP officer there with another person waiting for our arrival. It was obvious that the mare had been struggling for some time and was heavy in foal. She was exhausted. Despite the gravity of the situation, it was wonderful to see that the stallion never left her and was standing guard.

Here we were planning the best way to get her upright and uninjured. If you look closely toward the last truck, you can see the stallion urging us on.

It was determined the best way to get her out was to dig away the dirt piled up at her back so that she could be rolled and get her feet under her. Here Cst. McIntyre of the Rocky Mountain House RCMP takes his turn at the shovelling.  No more pictures as it was all hands on deck to get her onto her feet. As soon as she got up she raced off joined by the stallion and the other two mares of the small herd. We will do some follow-up to make sure she is okay.

We want to thank the concerned citizens who called us and the RCMP for their assistance.


11 thoughts on “Urgent Rescue

      1. Nancy

        Were you able to get the rope off the mare and have you gone back to check on her or seen her in her area?


  1. Rod

    Actually it was a Father driving his family and witnessed this nightmare. I had to do something. Question is; are those offroad deep tracks, on the north side of ditch of 916 allowed to be there? That’s what the wild mare was stuck in. She was also pregnant. Not sure if the colt will survive due to the stress. This NEED to be addressed.


  2. Don

    I would like to thank Bob and all the people that volunteer their time with the WHOAS for another rescue that took place on May 16/2020. I spotted a pregnant mare West of Caroline with a 15-20 foot piece of rope around her neck. I contacted Bob and he arranged to have a couple of vets from the University of Calgary go with him to find the mare.
    They found her, tranquilized her then removed the rope and stayed there until she was doing fine and back with her group.
    It warms your heart to see people that care so much about our Alberta wildies.
    Thank you so very much Bob!


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