Wildies Rescued

This spring was extremely hard on the wild horses especially those that live close to the east boundary of the forestry. The snow became very deep and crusted over causing great difficulty for not only the horses but other wildlife to find feed. As has happened in the past some of these animals strayed onto private land and became a problem to the land owners. WHOAS was called in by some of these land owners to help deal with these perceived problem horses.

This lovely sorrel stallion was one of two that had to be caught up and brought to our handling facility. Once caught up it is illegal for us to relocate them back into the forestry. Therefore we have no option other than to bring them in and begin the process of getting them ready for an adoptive home. All in all this year 12 horses in total were rescued by WHOAS and now have started a new life under our care.

Here are some of the horses who we have begun working with and who will be looking for new adoptive homes in the future.

Here are three yearling stud colts from the two herds we took in. They are a long ways off from being ready for adoption. With so many horses at the site right now, it will take some time to gentle these boys, geld them and freeze brand them. Once we feel they are ready we will advertise them and encourage visitors to come and meet them. Right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to take in visitors for the safety of our volunteers. So watch this website for updates.

Here is the second stallion that was brought in – a beautiful boy.

There were five mature mares that also had to be caught up. Many of them are likely pregnant. WHOAS will allow them to safely have their foals and so they and their babies will be with us for awhile. When ready for adoption, the mares and their foals will go together. In all likelihood, these mature girls will only be pasture horses.

Along with these horses, we also have two other young studs and a yearling filly that will be looking for new homes. More pictures to follow.

This is Diablo who we have had over the winter and will be going for training and will be available for adoption after that.

As you can see, we are busy! We have our dedicated team of volunteers who are doing a wonderful job providing care for these beautiful wildies. Lots of hay being munched so your continued support is always appreciated and important.



2 thoughts on “Wildies Rescued

  1. I would so love to adopt the sorrel stallion, if only I weren’t so far away! He has so much dignity. Perhaps he will be in one of my future stories. I plan to visit your area next year on a research trip. Thank you so much for all you do for the beautiful wildies!



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