After a cold spring that was hard on the horses, the rains finally came and the hillsides have turned green quickly. The grass for all wildlife is finally quite abundant and this has helped the horses regain better body condition. It also helped the mares to produce healthy foals.

This photo was taken earlier just when the grass was starting to come. You can see by this mare that the foaling and late spring was hard on her. Since that time though the mares and their babies have been thriving.

Mom and babe catching up to their herd.

This little one as you can see was extremely jubilant running around in the warm sunshine finally having to put the brakes on as it came to the ditch.

It was so nice in our travels to come across two old friends, Snow Queen and Mystical Spirit, both with foals at side. The whole herd that they belong to is growing and thriving.

This little one was enjoying the warm sunshine.

The evening sunshine highlighted this pair that exemplifies the beauty of our Alberta wild horses.

The herd at rest.

The youngest one of this herd trying out his need for speed!

It was such a joy to watch these two young ones going at each other for over 10 minutes with neither one wanting to quit. Here’s a short video clip of their and another foal’s antics. The first part we called “Itchy.”

As we have said, the early part of this year was very hard on a lot of the wild horses including the early-born foals. It is such a pleasure to go out now and see them growing and thriving with lots of forage. Along with the wild horse foals, the bear cubs, the elk calves, and the deer fawns that we have seen are all doing okay now. What a wonderful province we live in to be able to see the diversity of wildlife that we have! We leave you with last picture of this little one standing so proud and free.


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