Winter Travels

Winter so far has been kind to our Alberta wild horses. As we travel the backroads checking, documenting and photographing them, we find that they are doing extremely well. The foals that are still with their mares are very healthy too and have thick fuzzy coats to help keep them warm.

Throughout wild horse country the snow depths can vary quite a bit. To the east and north end of their range it is deeper than that in the western sections. Even in areas where the snow is crusted over it is not that thick or deep that the horses can easily paw through it to find enough food.

Against and underneath the trees, there can be little to no snow and the horses work their way through finding this feed. As you see here this stallion is in fantastic condition as he enjoys the warm rays of the January sun.

This beautiful mare and her foal are also taking advantage of the sun and exposed grasses next to the trees. Both are thriving and truly show how unique and wonderful our Alberta wild horses are.

As we travel we find many different colourations of our wild horses. This is a dun coloured stallion next to one of his bay coloured mares. He is so proud and protective of his herd.

Close-ups thanks to a good camera lens. We use shots like this for our identification records that we use to keep track of the wild horses. They are all so beautiful!

WHOAS continues to respond to request from landowners and the LIS (Livestock Identification Services) to help deal with wild horses that get onto private land. In this case this boy ended up at the Ya Ha Tinda ranch, which belongs to Parks Canada. He was probably forced out of the area he lived in by heavy logging activity and looking for company he ended up at the ranch. After consultation with the authorities and with proper paper work in hand, WHOAS rescued him. Once he has been gentled and gelded, he already has a future home. Although WHOAS would have wished him to be free, in some situations this is not possible.

Here is Fudge, one of the previously rescued older stallions, now a gelding, looking at the newcomer. He is moving along quite well and hopefully by spring he will find himself a forever home. WHOAS continues to accept adoption applications for horses under our care.

Need some more pictures of our Alberta wild horses? We still have some of our 2021 calendars available via our website.

One thought on “Winter Travels

  1. André Schwartz

    I adopted Fanny Dec. 04 2020and she is in Camrose, AB. She is a wonderful and smart mare living on a farm and being trained for mounted archery and possible hunting. She has bonded with me extremely well and her training is a pleasure. I’m very fortunate to have her and look forward to a great relationship and adventures in the near future. Jack and Dan are a deep well of knowledge and I appreciate their support and advice in all matters of horsemanship.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    André Schwarz


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