The Geldings

Babe’s new little colt, Granite, was so interested in what was going on the day we were to geld 3 of the young boys so that they were ready for adoption.

We are so fortunate that the WHOAS veterinarian, Dr. Bruce Stover assembled a very experienced team to assist him in the process. Here the team begins to get ready, preparing drugs and equipment for the 3 surgeries they would undertake.

This is George, a three-year old who had strayed where he didn’t belong and WHOAS was obligated to rescue him. He was the first to undergo the procedure and has already been adopted. Used to being haltered, and handled, he was totally relaxed waiting in the chute, having done it many times before (this is part of the gentling that is done so the horses can be handled safely).

The chute that we use is specifically designed to allow for the safety of the horses allowing us to do whatever may be necessary in order to assure their health and wellbeing.

Administering the sedation drugs.

Once sedated he is led down to his “operating suite”.

Now fully under sedation, the operating can proceed with two veterinarians conducting the surgery while another team monitors his breathing, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels.

Here he is a short time later, walking around wondering, “what just happened to me?”

This is Fabian, a yearling who has already been adopted.

Part of our gentling process is to bring the horses along to the point where they can be led and handled safely. Much work has been done with Fabian as you can see as he is being led.

The gentling process pays off as Dr. Stover is able to administer the sedation as the boy just stands quietly for him.

The best laid plans often have a hiccup. Once fully sedated and examined it was discovered that he was crytoid, that is only one testicle had descended. The surgery to find the second one still inside his abdomen could not handled in the field. Therefore we have arranged this specialized surgery to be done at a well-known equine clinic. Unfortunately this will be very expensive. But WHOAS is committed to do whatever we have do for the health and safety of the horses.

While down, he was given his vaccinations and his wolf teeth were extracted. He was also freeze-branded which is a requirement on WHOAS for any horses that we adopt out.

Up and awake with his new brand. The brand hairs will grow back white, W over H.

This is the cute, yearling we call Fritz. He is so friendly that when you go into the pen he comes right up to you to see what you are doing. He loves to be brushed and fussed over. Fritz is still not adopted but we hope someone will step forward to give him a loving, forever home. If interested and you have the time and facilities, send us an email and we will get in touch.

He was so calm and relaxed while receiving the sedation.

The surgery with the full team at hand.

Safely up and walking around, vaccinated, wolf teeth removed, and new brand ready for his new home.

The whole time this was going on, our resident stallion, Portero, kept an eye on the proceedings and the other horses in line. Except!

The exception was little Granite pestering the heck out of Felix while his mom, Babe kept whinnying at him to stop! Felix is gelded already and just needs some more gentling and he will also be ready for a new home tool.

We are so happy that one of the more mature mares, Emma, and her filly and another young filly have also been adopted and will all be going home together shortly. Here she is being led to the chute so she can be freeze-branded and vaccinated along with Finally and Faelyn.

Standing calmly, and ready for her freeze-brand and vaccine.

The two fillies.

No worries…we’ve already been done! These two boys just laid in the sunshine while a lot of this was happening.

One thought on “The Geldings

  1. Cheryl Wheat

    Nice to see portero. I remember him from a few years ago after the cull. He would stand up the hill keeping an eye on us!


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