Trim Time

Part of our responsibility in taking care of the horses that we rescue is to assure their overall health and welfare. This includes the trimming of their hooves to keep their feet in good condition. When a domestic horse is to be trimmed, you call a farrier, you hold onto your horse, he lifts their feet and the work is done. At WHOAS the resident herd of horses we have are semi-wild and we do not handle them unless necessary. However, they also occasionally need their feet trimmed too as they do not have the opportunity to naturally wear their hooves down. So we bring in an expert farrier who has designed a system to allow for horses to be safely trimmed. These two mares peek around the corner as they wait their turn to go down the trimming chute.

WHOAS has developed our handling system to work in conjunction with the farrier’s specially designed tipping table trimming chute. The design of the chute system allows for the safe movement of the horses into the tipping table. The table has been designed so that the horses can be safely restrained to assure they do not hurt themselves or the farrier working on their feet. He has used this successfully for many, many years dealing with a wide variety of horses in all types of situations. Other rescue groups also employ his expertise.

Have a look at my feet. The front ones are long and misshapen so it is time for my pedicure! This mare moves freely toward the handling system where attitudes can change!

The process at work, secure in the table, the hoof is trimmed down, and then a special grinder designed for this job makes them look pretty. This assures the overall health of these horses or any horse.

While Granite’s mom, Babe, was being trimmed, he decided to visit with George, one of the other young boys, who has been adopted and just waiting to go to his new home.

All mares are done and waiting to be put out to pasture including Babe and her son Granite.

The mares did not hesitate to tear off and it was quite something to see Granite flying like the wind following the herd. Then it was Portero’s turn to join his herd and off he goes!

We are happy that Fritz, a yearling, will be going to his new loving home this week.

Felix, a coming two-year old, is ready for adoption too. He will need a knowledgeable and kind owner with lots of time and patience to bond and work with him. He has quite a personality.

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