Beautiful Horses for Adoption


In the past few months WHOAS has been called upon to rescue a number of wild horse stallions that had strayed onto private land. This seems to have become a springtime situation which is caused by landowners whose property borders the public lands and their failure to maintain their fences. In some cases it may be because of a tree falling down across it but in others it is pure neglect. The maintaining of the fences is required under the Fence Line Act of Alberta.

Fortunately WHOAS is in a position to be able to rescue horses in such a situation and bring them to our facility where the journey toward a new life can begin. We truly wish they could be free. With WHOAS we assure their health and that they are rehomed to suitable forever homes. The new owners will ensure that they will be cared for and given a good life.

Pictured above is Felix, now 2 years old. He is already to go having responded nicely to his gentling and now needs to bond with his new human.


Our other boy that has been with us for awhile is Fargo pictured on the left with the blue halter on. He has responded fantastically and has even been saddled by our wonderful volunteers. They continue to work with him to assure he continues to progress. Fargo, who is 4, deserves a really good home with a very knowledgeable owner.


This 4 year old bay we named George has also come along extremely well. He is a quick learner and responds eagerly to new things presented to him. He is ready to go to the right owner who will end up with an amazing horse.


This 3 year old we named Geronimo. He came in a little bit thin but under tender loving care by WHOAS volunteers he has gained good weight since this picture. Currently he has not been gelded and his gentling process has just begun. Again, like all wildies that we have worked with, he shows a willingness to respond to the work being put into him. He is taller than some of the others we have rescued. Just look at his long legs! He is now haltered and leads well in and out the barn where he can be tied into his stall.


This is beautiful Galahad, a 3 year old. He is a light sorrel with flaxen mane and tail. He is also haltered now and is learning to to be led. He too goes into his stall every morning or days like yesterday in from the pouring rain. The volunteers begin brushing him and getting him used to human touch. He too needs to be gelded before going to a new home.


This is a 4 year old dark bay that we named Gordie. If you wonder where the “G” names come from, in the years the horses are brought in, a letter of the alphabet is assigned to identify them and for 2021 the letter is “G”. He is one of our most recent arrivals so his gentling process has just begun. He has been haltered and is led into the barn every day. The intelligence of these wild horses definitely shows through in the way that they respond to the passionate care they receive from our volunteers.


Say hello to Galloway. Also about 4 years old, again who has only been with us a short time and he is progressing well. Each of these boys has a unique personality and it is interesting to hear from our volunteers how these traits affect the way they respond to their care and nurturing. He is haltered and will be gelded in the near future.


This beauty with his long mane and tail we have named Gizmo. He is smaller in stature than many of the other wildies we see. He is very friendly and in a very short period of time has progressed fast and well. In the stall he enjoys the gentle touch and brushing that the volunteers lavish on him. We are not quite sure of his age but most likely around 4.

We encourage any prospective adopter to come out to visit and learn how to win over and gain the trust of these magnificent young boys. There’s lots to learn. Our volunteers can show you the ins-and-outs of how to care for and bond with these wildies. Maybe you have a home for one of them.

If you are interested in volunteering, send us an email and we will put you in touch with our leaders who manage our facility and they can arrange a time for you to visit.

Volunteering with these wild horses is not all glamorous! It involves cleaning their pens, feeding, watering, all before the actual handling begins. If this is something that interests you, we do want to hear from you. Bring a lunch, some boots, rain gear (maybe) and a smile. We will be happy to meet you!

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