Orphaned Foal Rescued

Late Thursday WHOAS was informed by a photographer that he had come across a young foal whose mom had died. Our volunteers responded right away and followed the person to the area where he had come across the foal. The poor little colt kept trying to go back to his mom but she could not respond to him. It had been at least a day or more the young one had been on it’s own.

Wasting no time the volunteers and concerned citizen went into the timber and managed to grab him. He was then carried out of the woods by them and taken to our handling facility. Here immediate care was administered to the foal who was extremely dehydrated and also constipated. Working well into the night some electrolytes were given to him and an enema administered to help him poop. Placed in a stall we have for cases like this he was lavished with attention and started to respond to this loving care.

This morning he was drinking foal milk from a bucket when it was presented to him. His energy increased as he took on more nourishment.

I was able to make it out to visit him and he captured my heart right away as he raced around the area he was in. He would come up to everyone to smell them and to see what was new. As I knelt down to take a picture and he came right up to investigate me.

I had little to do with this wonderful story but I am so grateful to everyone of our volunteers worked so hard and gave the young boy a chance at life. I know when it is time he will find a fabulous home and win the hearts of whoever it may be the same as he did with me.

Here is a short video clip of him investigating his new surroundings.

Finally after thoroughly checking everyone and everything out he was tired and started to fall asleep on his feet and so it was time to put him to bed for some more rest. We will keep you posted on his progress and more video of his rescue will be posted in a day or so.

5 thoughts on “Orphaned Foal Rescued

  1. Roy

    Please remove the halter, as he will get caught up in, if you want to teach him to Leeds put it on and take it off when the session is over


    1. Hi Roy. The halter was just on to get the foal use to it and there is always someone with the little thing when it is on. When in
      it’s stall and at night it is taken off.


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