Orphan Foal Update

We just wanted to update everybody on how this little guy is coming along. He is doing extremely well and is quite the attention getter of any of our visitors. He loves to run and jump around, playing and kicking the balls he has in his pen. He especially gets excited when the mighty Portero comes to check him out and seems unafraid of this huge stallion. This bravery probably comes because there are a couple of pens and panels between the two, but it is so cute to watch.

After a little bit of time, he has taken quite well to foal milk replacer out of a bucket. He gets several feedings a day and has started to munch on hay and some grass. In an attempt to ensure his wellbeing, a couple of weeks back we tried to introduce him to a friend’s lactating mare. The mare was willing but he was not. The mare, herself, was rescued from Ontario by one of our directors and is an Ojibwa pony, named Miskozin. The mare was so patient with this little colt. We allowed them to try and get used to one another before we tried to encourage him to nurse. Candice would milk the mare with her hand and let him lick it from her fingers. That was okay but he would not do this on his own. Next we tried to put the mare’s milk in the bucket which was also okay. Here is a short video of our efforts.

After of this, in order not to stress him out, we continue to feed him by the bucket which is working out well. He is gaining weight and thriving and loves the attention from our wonderful volunteers. He has a home to go to in a few months where his story will continue.

We encourage anyone who may be interested in adoption to arrange for a visit. You can contact us at WHOASalberta@gmail.com.

This beautiful filly is 3-year old Ella who needs to find a new home too.

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