September Update

Fall is here by the feel and look of it and so we thought we would provide an update on the horses under our care at our handling facility. Our little rescued foal, Garside is doing quite well. He is still getting his milk and now he is also being given other foal supplements to help him grow strong and healthy. Here is today enjoying some sunshine after a very cool evening.

We made sure he has lots of clean bedding and some protection from the weather. We are working hard to minimize his human contact, but look at him he is so adorable, in order for him to better learn how to be a horse. Since we are closed due to COVID, it is only our regular volunteers who have the contact with him. He will soon have one of the other horses under our care join him for company.

Part of our gentling process is having the horses learn to safely load and unload from our horse trailer. When they are ready to go to their new home, they have learned how to do this safely for both them and their new owner. Here is Gordy standing calmly.

Our volunteers are very experienced and knowledgeable on how to bring a horse along to this point. Being led into our stalls before hand definitely helps get them ready for this next task. Here Danny is quietly moving the little mare, Ella, toward the trailer. Here she is surveying where she is being asked to go. She was calm but careful and stood for a few minutes to check it all out. We do not force the horses, but rather let them figure it out on their own time.

After 3-4 minutes, it was first one front foot, then the other. Looking at Gordy for reassurance, she walked in and waited to be tied. During this whole procedure she was never overly excited. This is wonderful because this Sunday she gets to go to her new, forever home.

This is Ghost who has been adopted and he will soon also learn the loading lesson. He will be gong to his new home by the end of the month.

Here are buddies Galahad and Galloway taken in the warm sunshine while enjoying some fresh hay. We have a potential adopter who is planning on taking both the friends together. We are just waiting for confirmation.

A little muddy after a rainy day yesterday, Gizmo, who is waiting to be adopted, is enjoying the morning sunshine and his breakfast. He is a very friendly horse, is two-years old, has been gelded and freeze-branded. He is small in stature but big in heart. He has progressed well with the gentling process, ties into a stall, and loves to be brushed and fussed over. He has had is feet worked on and he has been vaccinated and just wormed as well. If you are interested in him, please act quickly as of right now, he is the last horse available for adoption.

The adoption application can be found on the website at the top of the page – And you can email us at

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