The Story of “Lucky Star”

This is the story of this little new filly who was found by concerned people in distress on
public land west of Hwy 762, south of Bragg Creek, Alberta on April 15, 2022. It appears that somehow it got separated from the mare or maybe that something had happened to the mare. It was in dire straights in the cold and snow at that time. The people that found this baby tried to contact all the proper officials in order to find out what to do.

Seeing the condition and situation it was in, and acting upon advice, the caring people who lived near by decided to rescue the little one and bring it home until a decision was made on what to do with the apparent orphan.

At Stuart and Nancy’s place, they prepared a dry warm area for the filly. After contacting the government and WHOAS, permission was granted to allow them to care for her.

Stuart sacrificed his own jacket to help warm up the new baby. Unsure how to properly take care of her, a call was put out to find a nurse mare to ensure its survival. Fortunately a mare was found at a stable just east of Calgary and the foal was quickly transported to meet its hopefully new mom.

After some time and patience, success! It was given the name “Lucky Star” for the white star on its face and being so lucky to have been found in time. It is doing well and has been fully accepted by the mare and we know it has found a beautiful forever home.

Thanks to all the people and agencies that stepped up and allowed this to be a happy story.

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