Your Funds at Work

Since our inception in 2002 as a non-profit society, WHOAS has advocated for the protection, saving and rescue of our Alberta Mountain horses. Every year since 2004 our major fundraiser is our yearly calendar. We are also pleased that with the support of our printer, we have been able to keep the price the same. So what do we use these funds for?

In 2014 we had some property donated to us for the purpose of enabling us to build a proper rescue/handling facility. This was in response to an upcoming government capture season for that winter.

With the funds that we had from the sale of our calendars and generous donations, we were able to start to build this site. The whole idea was to have a facility where we could safely and humanely handle the horses that we were about to rescue from likely slaughter at that time. Over the years we have expanded the pens and other resources needed. Everything we have done is for the benefit of the horses that we have taken under our care.

No matter what particular pen a horse may be in, we can safely move them about so as not to cause any undue stress. A customized horse chute was made for us so that they can be administered medication or vaccinations as necessary and shortly after their arrival, get a halter on them. Then begins their gentling process.

Veterinarian care is a very important part in assuring the health and welfare of the horses we take in. All young stallions are gelded before we put them up for adoption. This not only makes the horse a little easier to handle but also because we do not believe in indiscriminate breeding. We are fortunate that the University of Calgary, School of Verterinary Medicine, readily assists us in this process.

Another cost for caring for the horses, is assuring that their hooves are properly taken care of. In order to do this we have a specialized farrier to come in and do this work.

Every once in a while, WHOAS is called upon to rescue newborn foals. You may remember the story of Heaven’s Heart. He is doing well in his new adoptive home.

The horses that we rescue stay with us until we are assured that they can be handled safely by their new owners. Our gentling process takes considerable work and time as each horse is unique. We are so fortunate that our volunteers have the passion and love of these wild horses to commit to their success.

These pictures show some of the horses that have gone through our facility and program since 2015.

The costs of maintaining this facility and taking care of all the horses over the years is considerable and the funds from our calendars play an important part in our ability to do this work.

Just this fall we have built a hay shed that better allows us to store enough hay for the year. Feed for the horses is a major cost for us. Not only do we feed the horses in our pens that are waiting to go to their new homes, we also take care of the resident herd of horses that roam freely throughout the property.

This is Portero, the resident stallion whose herd consists of five mares and right now, four foals. This resident herd plays an important part in public education and awareness of our beautiful Alberta Mountain horses.

In these winter months they love their hay too!

These are three of his foals relaxing while the grass is still green. They have all grown and have good thick winter coats.

My new winter coat.

You can help all these horses and WHOAS and our future endeavours to protect these wonderful horses, by purchasing a calendar. All the money raised goes directly back to not only the horses we rescue at our site, but also to protect the horses still roaming free and wild in our Alberta foothills.

You can order one via PayPal by clicking at the link at the top of our website. You can also send an e-transfer ( if you include your address. You can also send a cheque or money order to WHOAS, Box 4154, Olds, AB T4H 1P7. Calendars are also available at the UFA in Olds, at the Sundre Museum and the Sundre Feed Store and other businesses throughout the town.

One thought on “Your Funds at Work

  1. I applaud your work.

    Margaret Clarke Leduc, Alberta

    Louis Riel “We must cherish our inheritance. We must preserve our nationality for the youth of our future. The story should be written down to pass on.”


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