Winter is Here

Got your Christmas shopping done? Our 2023 calendars are still available, and we ship them out as soon as we receive the orders. You should still be able to receive them before Christmas or if you wish them to go to a different party, just indicate this on your order. It is easy to order them via PayPal or via e-transfer to All funds from the calendars goes directly into our work to protect, save and rescue these beautiful Alberta wild horses. This is a way you can make a difference and feel part of the efforts to make sure these horses remain on the landscape for future generations.

Winter is definitely here now and the snow is starting to accumulate and this week the temperatures have plummeted. One of the most wonderful attributes of our wild horses is that they are very adept at surviving these harsh winter conditions as long as they can find enough feed. So far, all the horses we have come across are in excellent condition and this year’s foals are looking strong and healthy.

With his thick coat and still nursing on his mom, this little guy has a good chance to get through the winter months ahead.

In the Alberta foothills, hunting season closes on November 30th which will bring some stress release to the horses. For the past month every road, trail and cutline has had a steady flow of vehicles as hunters try to fill their big game tags. This causes the horses to move out of their regular routine. In another day or two the west country will quiet down considerably.

We found this young mare with her herd taking advantage of a day with lots of sun and a warm chinook wind blowing. With snow already on the ground the horses had found a good meadow to feed in and paid very little attention to us as they grazed.

The day does not have to be warm for the horses to take advantage of the sun’s rays. This beautiful roan stallion is sleeping in the sun. Often we find that the roan horses’ coats will darken considerably in the winter months. In the summer the red and white hairs of his coat will likely show up making him even more striking.

We have included a link to a story produced by the Weather Network on Canada’s wild horses and how they survive the winter. The link does include ads before playing the story.

Again we encourage you to support the wild horses with the purchase of one of our calendars and we thank you very much for your help.

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