Annual Government Horse Counts

It is important to note the following inconsistencies between the 2023 count and this year’s count. 

• A total count of 1478 horses was listed for 2024. In 2023 the count was 1428 horses. 

• A count was NOT done of the Elbow zone in 2023, but was counted in 2024 and this year shows 111 horses.  

• A count was NOT done in the Nordegg or Brazeau zone this year. In the Nordegg and Brazeau zones in 2023 there were a total of 51 horses counted.
• The Sundre zone is down by 130 horses from 2023.

In order to create consistency to the counts, we add the 51 horses counted in 2023 from the Nordegg Brazeau area back into our 2024 numbers and subtract the horses counted from the Elbow zone that were not included in 2023. Making those two adjustments would result in a total count of 1418 horses for 2024, which actually indicates a decreased overall population of the horses as compared to the same areas from the 2023 count.