Available for Adoption

As we have done in the past, WHOAS has been able to step in and rescue wild horses that have roamed out the forestry and wandered onto private land.  Although many of us would prefer to see them remain free, WHOAS is not allowed to do this due to regulations  imposed by the AEP.

We have several wildies at our rescue/handling site and are working with them to get them ready for adoption to forever, loving homes. Do you have a home for one of them? Take a look at these wonderful beauties.

Fudge, about 9 years old and recently gelded.

Another view of the beautiful Fudge. You’ll notice his freeze brand– W over H. All horses are freeze branded before they are adopted out. This is a requirement of Alberta Environment and Parks.



Freda and her daughter, Faelyn (Adopted).


Fandango, recently gelded, about 5 years old.

Felix, recently gelded, a long yearling. ADOPTED


Fanny, a 2 year old filly.

Fargo, recently gelded, approximately 4 yrs old.


Fresco, recently gelded yearling, son of Fandango.


Faela, two-year filly, daughter of her sire, Fandango.

We encourage all potential adopters to arrange a time to come out and visit the horses. That way you can determine if one of these beautiful wildies would fit into your family. Send us an email and we will get in touch with you.