Horses Ready for Adoption

WHOAS has adopted all eligible horses that were ready to be rehomed at this time.

We want to point out that WHOAS gentles the horses that so that they can be safely handled by their new owners as they then begin their new lives. This means these horses have been gentled to touch and be haltered. They are taught to lead and go into our barn stalls to be fed and groomed. They are taught to step forward in the stall and lift their feet to allow cleaning under and behind them. They are also taught to step forward in the stall and to stand until they are untied and the butt rope is removed. Only then are they asked to back up quietly.

Those that stay longer may have work done on their feet if necessary and possibly desensitized to a saddle pad. We do not train the horses further as the adopters may have a purpose and a method of training suited to their goals. This gentling program we have devised has worked very well even with the older wild horses we have rescued. WHOAS has a registered brand, W over H, right hip, and all horses are freeze-branded.Our adoption process involves submitting an adoption application, which you can download from the home page. We ask a $500 adoption fee which helps us with veterinary costs, feed and other costs to run our rescue facility.

We encourage you to arrange a visit to our facility to meet the horses and our handlers and find out about our Alberta wild horses. Contact us via our email: